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How We Will Work Together

We begin by clarifying your needs and desires. Do you want your ideas (or your outline) developed into flowing prose? What is it that you want to say, and to whom? What is it that you want to accomplish with this piece of writing? Who is the audience? What kind of tone are you trying to strike? We will talk about all this at the outset.

Or do you just need copyediting? Have you already written something that you feel mostly good about, but which probably could use a little polish, flourish, or proofing?

Once we agree on the nature and volume of the work, then I will give you a time and a price estimate. Before we finalize our agreement, however, I'll perform a small portion of the work, so that you can see what you'll be getting before you commit to working with me.

Your satisfaction is my keenest reward, so we will not consider the job done until you are perfectly happy. Occasionally, particularly when I compose something from scratch, the process may require a bit of back-and-forth before the finished product is right on target.

I am happy to work with any well-intentioned person who needs something put into the right words, words that convey the intended message, reach the targeted audience, and achieve their desired impact. In the past, I have collaborated with aspiring nonfiction writers, health professionals, businesspersons, memoir writers, educators, trainers, administrators, and researchers.

If you need your thoughts, ideas, or expertise cast into language that is simple, clear, compelling, and thorough, we could have some fun working together. My services are prompt, flexible, and responsive to your specific needs. I look forward to working with you! Thanks for visiting my website! - the pen
Marc Wordsmith
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