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[NOTE: Each title on this page is also a link to that writing sample.]

Why Poetry?
An excerpt from the introduction to my book, The Poetry Reader’s Toolkit, published in 1997 by NTC/Contemporary Books; since acquired by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

Leave the Light On
The Committee on the Shelterless is a unique homeless shelter and homeless services organization in Petaluma, CA. Here is an interview with John Records, COTS' long-time director, which appeared in The Sun magazine.

Musical Medicine
Recent clinical studies indicate that listening to music can actually help stroke patients regain motor and communication skills and even vision. I wrote about this in the the San Francisco Heart and Vascular Institute newsletter.

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Interview
A discussion with Brock Dolman, co-founder of the storied Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Occidental, CA.

What Gets Heard
Some reflections in the wake of the Supreme Court's infamous Citizens United decision, published in the Sonoma County Gazette.

Spiritual Sex in an Increasingly Virtual World
Here is a 2011 Huffington Post column on the virtues of "spiritual sex." This essay is based on conversations with Suzie Heumann of

Low Tech Wreck
Here is a short essay I had published in the North Bay Bohemian about a minor domestic disaster and its wider implications.

What is a linear accelerator?
I enjoy synthesizing raw (and occasionally technical) information into language that is clear and easily understood. This is an excerpt from a grant proposal for hospital equipment.

Remembering a Chess Friend
I was a chess nerd in high school. One of my two best chess buddies, Eric, died at the tender age of 35, and my other best chess friend, Mike, created a chess tournament in Eric's honor in 2016 in Ft. Myers, FL. This is my remembrance of Eric, published in Chessbase, the international chess website.

Introduction to The Double You
An excerpt from a workbook on job search and life skills for ex-offenders about to leave prison, published by JIST Works in 2000. (I had a coauthor on this project who provided rough source material, but the writing is my own. Please see my Testimonials page for comments from my coauthor, Ronald Mendlin.)

Treating and Preventing Dry Eye
Here is a short Web article I researched and composed on behalf of an outstanding local optometrist in Sebastopol, CA, Dr. Barry Green.

Transition Style--Making Sebastopol Smile!
Here is a press release I composed on behalf of a local sustainability organization.

A Real Marriage
A personal essay, published close to Valentine’s Day 2000 in the East Bay Express.

Can the Left Get It Right?
Excerpts from an interview with Michael Shellenberger, published in the February, 2005 issue of The Sun. (Or read the complete Shellenberger interview here.)

Low-Fat Diets and Heart Health
In February, 2006, newspapers around the country ran front-page headlines proclaiming that, according to a new clinical study, low-fat dieting will not lower your health risks. But did you read the fine print? Here’s an article that was published in the Spring, 2006 issue of the San Francisco Heart and Vascular Institute newsletter.

Northern California Grassroots Fund: The First Two Years
I composed the text of this report, "Growing the Grassroots," on behalf of the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.

Fearless Book Reviews
For several years, I have been contributing short book reviews to Patrick Miller’s Fearless Books website. Here are two of them.

The Skunks at the Garden Party
This is a short “Cityside” article I composed for the East Bay Express in February, 2005

The Word on Heart Murmurs
An explanation of heart murmurs, published in the newsletter of the SF Heart and Vascular Institute.

Speech Therapy: Profile of the 2002 Berkeley National Poetry Slam Team
In 2002, Berkeley sent four of the grittiest, most unabashedly raw, revealing and disturbing poets in the Bay Area to that year's National Poetry Slam competition in Minneapolis, where they came in 5th out of more than 50 teams that competed. This article, which appeared originally in the East Bay Monthly is an intimate portrait of that historic team.

A Healing Community: Outpatient Mental Health at Seton Medical Center
This short article is a profile of one of Seton Medical Center’s community benefit programs, written in 2003 for the Seton Health Services Foundation newsletter, "The Cornette."

Grant Proposal: RotaCare Clinics
Here is a grant proposal I wrote on behalf of free urgent care medical clinics in San Mateo County.

2003 Charity Golf Classic Press Release
I occasionally write press releases and public service announcements. Here is a short press release I composed on behalf of the Seton Health Services Foundation.

Job Aid for Operators of Teradyne’s Optima 7300
In 2000, I authored a series of technical documents for Teradyne Inc.’s Optima 7300 computer-motherboard-scanning system, including materials for system operators and maintenance engineers. Here is a simple job aid from that packet of documents. - the pen
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