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Marc Wordsmith client testimonials

“Marc's word magic has been invaluable to us. He took hundreds of pages of interviews and turned them into a beautiful book which people tell us has transformed their lives. I deeply appreciate his perceptive contributions, organizing skills, and remarkably sensitive editing. Marc has also been a boon for our organization in other ways, with fundraising letters and case statements. I highly recommend Marc's writing services!”

John Records, Executive Director, Committee on the Shelterless (COTS), Petaluma, CA

"Marc Polonsky will magically transform your material into something wondrous and easily understood. He can take your words and make you realize what you meant to say in a much clearer and cleaner fashion than you imagined. He can make a palace of the ant-scratch words you present, in a timely and affordable manner."

Dr. Barry S. Green, O.D. Sebastopol, CA

"Marc is one of the most creative individuals I have ever worked with. He has the ability to grasp a concept, either technical or abstract, and turn the messaging into an exceptional finished product. Marc is very professional and extremely dependable. I highly recommend him as a solid resource for all your writing and editing needs."

M.J. Safra, Director of Marketing, Digital Media Arts College, Boca Raton, FL

"I can call on Marc for my deepest creative endeavors as well as in-depth treatment of documents for my thriving health care business. He is excellent at editing confidential documents that would be difficult to comprehend unless you are in my field of work. He instinctually interprets the material and provides immediate upgrades."

Wendy Taylor, Taylor Elder Care Management, Sebastopol, CA

"The services we got from Marc Polonsky were fast, efficient, and very thorough. By the time we get a report to the editing stage, there is often little time left before we have to get it to the publisher. Mr. Polonsky is very responsive to our short time schedules, and is able to edit our reports quickly and with great skill. His efficiency makes his prices a bargain."

Karla James, Managing Director, The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, Oakland, CA

“Marc is an excellent writer who excels at distilling complex technical topics into content that's easily understood and enjoyable to read.”

Michael Lucente, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, AlertSite, Coconut Creek, FL

"Marc is an all-around great writer and he's very thorough. At the Foundation, he has written grants, letters, articles, brochures, press releases . . . he's met all of our writing needs."

Katherine A. King, Executive Director, Seton Health Services Foundation, Daly City, CA

“Marc Polonsky has written articles for our Heart and Vascular Institute newsletter as well as letters and speeches on behalf of our organization. I can honestly say that he bats 1.000—a home run every time. Since he's been on board, the quality of our seasonal newsletter has enormously improved, and readers have expressed much interest and appreciation.”

Jim Comstock, Director of Business Development, San Francisco Heart and Vascular Institute

“I have worked together with Marc on two successful book projects. I provided Marc with source material and he did all the writing. I could not possibly have wished for a more talented, no-nonsense, hardworking, and perceptive collaborator. Marc is a fast, efficient, and effective writer, and a fair, honest, compassionate person.”

Ronald Clark Mendlin, Job Placement Counselor, Northern California Service League, San Francisco, CA

“I am a published writer and have worked with professional editors before, but Marc Polonsky is by far the best. He has a great eye for what works and what doesn't in fiction. He read my novel and was able to see things I had felt were wrong, but couldn't quite figure out why. And rather than just telling me what needed revising, he offered concrete suggestions that were enormously helpful. He is not one of those editors who just point out what's wrong and leave it at that – he really takes the time to think about the story and why something isn't right for that particular character to say or do. I felt he was invested in my work and had a grasp on what I was trying to achieve in my novel. His attention to detail (especially dialogue) as well as the larger issues of plot and theme helped me to tell the story better.”

Cynthia Walker, author, English professor, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA

“I've hired Marc to write bios and blurbs. It's fun working with someone who loves language and who has the capacity to both listen with a thoughtful ear and also write with a clear, professional, and creative style Instead of a cookie-cutter product, you get a personalized piece of writing from a versatile craftsman, someone who has the energy and insight to choose words that really resonate. Working with Marc, I not only was happy with the product, I also enjoyed the process.”

Rachel Garlin, professional singer/songwriter, New York, NY

“For four years, Marc Polonsky, aka the Wordsmith, edited my weekly Marin Independent Journal newspaper column on real estate. Thank God for Marc, who was brilliant in distilling and focusing the essence of what I had to say and helping me communicate my thoughts. Recently my writing partner and I turned to Marc for direction on our novel. Marc’s wit, wisdom and guidance enabled us to focus our intention and bring the manuscript to the next level. I highly recommend Marc and will continue to avail myself of his services.”

Tom Verkozen, Real Estate Agent, Frank Howard Allen Realtors, San Rafael, CA

"As a budding song lyricist, I am grateful to Marc for focusing my language and making my songs graceful, as well as for gently challenging me to be clear with myself about what I want to express.”

David Baumgarten, President, Baumgarten’s (a division of Exclusive Imports Inc., Atlanta, GA)

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Marc Polonsky, who has been writing fair and insightful book reviews for my website,, for several years. I've known Marc for over 20 years, and I continue to be impressed by his wit, literary versatility, and thoughtfulness."

Patrick Miller, Author and Web Master of, Berkeley, CA

Testimonials from former students at Vista Community College (comments taken from class evaluations):

“Even those students who might have difficulty with the material Marc chooses agree that Marc is fair-minded and he cares about each of us. Marc has challenged me as a student, gently encouraging me to think and work harder and in a more critical manner. I will miss Marc when I leave this class.”

“Marc Polonsky is the most outstanding, exceptional, motivating teacher I have ever had.”

“I really got so much out of this course. Marc seems to be a natural communicator. There was a lot of work but I agree with him that it’s worth it. He is extremely articulate and a pleasure to listen to and learn from.”

“Marc is extremely supportive of us and does his best to explain everything so that we all understand.”

“On a scale of 1 to 5, Marc is a very high 5. I have learned, I have enjoyed, I have participated, all because of Marc being so involved and concerned and respectful of his students.”

“I appreciate Marc’s integrity. He certainly wants everyone to do the best they can.” - the pen
Marc Wordsmith
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