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I blog largely about little experiences (of my own) that feel imbued with meaning. Sometimes I wax political or philosophical.

What Life is This?

I bought organic bananas recently at Trader Joe’s and at New Seasons. The ones from Trader Joe’s are from Mexico; the ones from New Seasons came from Ecuador. The sandwich bread I eat each day was baked in California. (I live in Oregon.) The vegan cheese I like to put...

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Obvious Questions

On the sidewalk outside New Seasons grocery store sat a man with leather-like skin, his cheeks and mouth a maze of wrinkles, leaning against his backpack. His crude cardboard sign said “Anything helps” on one side “Do something kind” on the other. The sign was fairly...

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Do You Really Know What You Really Like?

Growing up in the sixties and seventies, I loved pop music, but my stepdad, a big band musician who had entertained presidents, detested rock and roll. He explained why the music I liked was bad music. Besides being too loud, it was too simple. It lacked depth and...

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The Human Experiment Ain’t Over Yet

Sometimes I feel like we’re living in the End Times. When I was a child and a teen in the 1960s and ‘70s, I encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jesus freaks who insisted that the time was nigh. I vaguely figured that, if they were right, human existence would come to...

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Because Giving and Receiving Are One

Here is how I went slightly out of my way recently to accept a small gesture of kindness. I had just bought a little chocolate fudge cupcake at the cupcake shop next to my bank. A postal worker, toting his sack, bought a cupcake right after I did. I thought he looked...

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I was going through a little rough patch emotionally. My friend and I were enumerating all our blessings, so that we would remember and so that I could keep my own little troubles in context. We covered the usual and the most obvious blessings: access to drinkable...

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Kind People Everywhere

Something else deep. I was riding the bus one evening and suddenly a bunch of texts started coming in fast and furious from two different friends – intense and upsetting for completely different reasons. So I was sucked into two simultaneous texting conversations,...

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