Over the last three decades I have worked with an enormous range of business owners, healing professionals, marketing managers, nonprofit officers, and music artists, all of whom have needed to express something important with the written word. Here is what some of these individuals have had to say about the experience of working with me:

“Working with Marc was not only a great move from a product perspective–that is, we were able to produce some useful posts with a combination of my chatter and his hard work organizing and writing and editing. (The chatter came easily in response to Marc’s thoughtful and insightful questions.) But also, working with Marc was fun and uplifting. He’s a lovely soul whose good nature permeates the way he listens and translates what you say into the final piece.”

Dr. Chandler Chang, Ph.D., founder and clinical psychologist, Therapy Lab

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with Marc on the draft of a memoir. His comments on everything from punctuation and grammar, to content and context, have always been excellent.”

Clare Marcus, author of Therapeutic Landscapes, Iona Dreaming¸ and House as a Mirror of Self

“Marc’s word magic has been invaluable to us. He took hundreds of pages of interviews and turned them into a beautiful book which people tell us has transformed their lives. I deeply appreciate his perceptive contributions, organizing skills, and remarkably sensitive editing. Marc has also been a boon for our organization in other ways, with fundraising letters and case statements. I highly recommend Marc’s writing services!”

John Records, Executive Director, Committee on the Shelterless (COTS), Petaluma, CA

“Marc Polonsky will magically transform your material into something wondrous and easily understood. He can take your words and make you realize what you meant to say in a much clearer and cleaner fashion than you imagined. He can make a palace of the ant-scratch words you present, in a timely and affordable manner.”

Dr. Barry S. Green, O.D. Sebastopol, CA

“Marc is one of the most creative individuals I have ever worked with. He has the ability to grasp a concept, either technical or abstract, and turn the messaging into an exceptional finished product. Marc is very professional and extremely dependable. I highly recommend him as a solid resource for all your writing and editing needs.”

M.J. Safra, Director of Marketing, Digital Media Arts College, Boca Raton, FL

“Marc is a true Wordsmith! He has patiently worked with me to clarify a concept until we agreed on just the right way to express an idea. He listens and understands what I need, then executes and delivers on time. His breadth of experience makes him an ideal writer or editor for a variety of projects. I highly recommend him.”

Yolanda Calderon, Wellness Coach at Here and Now

“Marc is an amazing writer and editor. His skillful collaborative approach gets your project done on time on budget. I recommend his services for any writing endeavor.”

Matt Ruane, Attorney at US Air Force

“I recently hired Marc for a writing assignment, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The subject matter was new to him, and rather technical, and I was very impressed by how quickly and thoroughly he grasped the topic. He was very receptive to my direction and eager to produce the desired tone. Marc was very open to feedback and a great collaborator. I recommend him highly. Thanks, Marc!”

Stacy McCormack, CEO, Musimack Marketing

“When Marc says he’s especially proficient at synthesizing information from diverse sources into easily understood language, he’s not kidding. I have been astonished by his ability to turn chaotic fragments into elegant, cogent prose. Simply put, he is my go-to guy for help not only with client work, but he’s the only one I’m trusting to critique my second novel when it’s complete this summer. He’s the most thoughtful, perceptive, and insightful reader I’ve encountered in my 30 years as a writer.”

Cynthia Lamb, Ghostwriter, Novelist

“ChangeLab Solutions hires Marc frequently for copy editing and writing jobs.He is an excellent writer and copy editor with excellent attention to detail. He can handle very technical writing and isn’t afraid to ask critical questions and push for clarification of meaning. He is also flexible and will work with copy as needed to make it work. He is often available to do quick turnaround projects as well.”

Manel Kappagoda, Senior Attorney/Public Health Professional/ Project Manager, ChangeLab Solutions